Investment Training & Mentoring for Community Bankers

Boost Your Investment Skills & Professional Development

In the ever-evolving world of investments, banking, and finance, staying ahead means continuously honing your skills and knowledge.  At Bond Investment Mentor, we specialize in improving the expertise of community bankers with our investment training and personal mentoring.

Our programs will help you master essential concepts, gain practical insights, and - most importantly - understand how to apply what you've learned.  Whether it's refining your investment skills, improving your abilities as a portfolio manager, or fostering your career growth at your community financial institution, our courses, programs, and mentoring are designed to enhance your professional development.

Investment Training Programs

Our training programs offer a unique blend of practical knowledge and expert guidance, equipping you with the skills to excel as a community banker!

The Fixed Income Institute is an investment training program specifically designed for community bankers.  Through a blend of live training, expert guidance, and online resources, you'll gain the expertise to master fixed-income securities and strengthen your portfolio management skills!


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Personal Investment Training offers a unique opportunity for community banks and credit unions to receive tailored training for their teams, management, or boards.  Working directly with Chris in a live or virtual format, this one- or two-day program is customized to meet your institution's specific needs, covering investment, portfolio management, or other related areas.  His easy-to-understand, practical approach will help sharpen your group's knowledge and understanding of essential topics.


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Effective portfolio management begins with a well-designed investment strategy - a vital element many community financial institutions don't have.  Discover the advantages of a tailored investment strategy in our investment strategy workshop!  In this interactive, small-group setting, you'll learn a comprehensive approach to building and maintaining an effective investment strategy built around your institution.

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The 1-on1 Mentoring program is an all-encompassing professional development opportunity for community bankers.  Working closely with Chris in private mentoring sessions, you'll receive individualized guidance based on your personal and professional needs and objectives.  This customized approach ensures you're equipped with the skills and insights needed to excel in your role at your community financial insitution

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On-Demand Investment Training

Whether you're new to your role or looking to deepen your expertise, our online courses allow you to learn at your own pace while gaining essential knowledge and skills!

Bond Basics is an ideal starting point for community bankers who are new to investments or looking to strengthen their understanding of the fundamentals.  Developed in partnership with the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado, this course covers essential concepts in fixed-income investing and portfolio management.  It provides practical insights to help you confidently manage your institution's investment portfolio.

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Dive into the world of government securities with our "Investing in Government Bonds" course!  This comprehensive online course provides an overview of the characteristics and risks of government securities and how to analyze them.  You'll come away with the knowledge and skills to effectively incorporate government bonds in your institution's investment portfolio.

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