Developing an investment strategy can be daunting.  But it doesn’t have to be!

The Bond Investment Mentor Investment Strategy Workshop will show you how to build a customized investment plan for your community financial institution!

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Do you struggle with creating an investment strategy that will work for your financial institution?

You know that the investment portfolio plays an important role in managing the risk/reward objectives for the balance sheet.

But there are so many moving parts and factors to consider!  These include:

  • How do you ensure the portfolio strategy complements what's happening elsewhere on the balance sheet?
  • Will the strategy help meet your institution's performance and financial objectives?
  • Does the investment strategy help mitigate your institution's risk exposures, including interest rate, liquidity, credit, and capital risk?
  • How do interest rates and market conditions factor into the decision-making process?
  • What blend of securities should you use to build the right strategy?
  • How do you manage broker communications and cut through all the noise?
  • How do you effectively communicate the investment strategy to your ALCO, management, board, and regulators?

In addition, building an investment strategy can feel like an overwhelming and time-consuming process.  You don't want your institution to miss out on potential investment opportunities, but is it worth the effort?

Plus, once the investment strategy is built, how will changing market conditions affect the plan and the investment portfolio in the future?  The last thing you want to do is create more headaches and more risk than reward for the institution.

You CAN Create a Successful Investment Strategy - Let Me Show You How!

The Bond Investment Mentor Investment Strategy Workshop is an online training program that provides community bankers with the knowledge and tools to develop a customized investment strategy for the investment portfolio.  When you’re done, you’ll have an investment strategy that’s fine-tuned to your institution based on its objectives, risk exposures, and comfort level.

During our time together, I'll share with you the steps and framework I developed over my 30+ years as a community banker and investment portfolio manager.  By tapping into my decades of experience as you build your investment strategy, you'll get a jump-start on the process!

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What People Are Saying

"I enjoyed the Investment Strategy Workshop.  It provided a framework for me to design the investment portfolio that is most appropriate for my bank instead of just reacting to broker bond offerings.  Chris is unique both as a bank investment professional and a skilled educator.  Most people I come across with investing expertise usually have one skill set but not the other.  Though my days are always busy, my time spent in the workshop was well worth it."

- David Houchen, Kansas City, MO

"The workshop was very informative and well put together.  Chris helped with one-on-one strategy information, how to analyze investments based on our strategy, and how to communicate with upper management and the Board of Directors.  I would highly recommend attending this workshop."

- Dorothy Moulds, Marion, IA

Meet Your Workshop Leader

Chris Nelson is founder and President of Bond Investment Mentor, which provides investment training and mentoring services to community bankers.  In addition, he is the host of the Bond Investment Mentor podcast, covering fixed-income securities and investment portfolio management for community financial institutions.

Chris is also president of Nelson Capital Advisors, an investment advisory and consulting firm serving community-based financial institutions.

Chris has been involved in banking and investments for more than 30 years, formerly serving as the Chief Investment Officer and Director of Finance & Treasury for a New England-based community bank. In addition to managing the bank’s investment portfolio as it grew from $200 million to more than $1 billion, he was responsible for supervising the bank’s financial operations relating to liquidity and funds management, asset/liability and interest rate risk management, loan and deposit rate setting, hedging and derivative activities, and international services.

Four Sessions - One Great Investment Strategy!

The Investment Strategy Workshop is a four-day program (12 hours total) that gives you the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to develop an effective, customized investment strategy for your financial institution's investment portfolio.

The workshop is scheduled over four sessions to allow you time to absorb the information and begin applying what you have learned.

Plus, all sessions will be recorded so you can go back and review the material covered as often as you'd like!

During the workshop, we'll explore the following:

  • Building a customized investment strategy for YOUR financial institution, regardless of the market or interest rate environment
  • Taking a "whole portfolio" approach to building and maintaining your strategy
  • Two factors that form the foundation for effective portfolio management
  • How to analyze government, mortgage, and municipal securities so you can make quick and confident investment decisions
  • Managing the conversation with your brokers to make the security selection process easier
  • The four-part framework for discussing investments with your ALCO, management, board, and regulators

Plus, there will be plenty of time for review, case studies, discussion, and Q&A!

Course Fee:  $895 per institution

One registration fee covers attendance for everyone from your team that would like to attend!

IMPORTANT:  Registrants must be full-time employees of an FDIC- or NCUA-insured financial institution and register with an email address from that institution. 

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